There is no rest for the weary at OFCCP.  Continuing the steady flow of Directives and proposals as well as audits coming out of Washington D.C., the Agency has released two additional directives in furtherance of the Administration’s commitment to transparency and certainty.

The first, Directive 2018-08: Transparency in OFCCP Compliance Activities  will “ensure transparency in all stages of OFCCP compliance activities to help contractors comply with their obligations and know what to expect during a compliance evaluation, and to protect workers from discrimination through the consistent enforcement of OFCCP legal authorities.”  The detailed directive sets out roles and responsibilities for OFCCP and contractors during a compliance review as well as policies and procedures to be followed.  The Directive also includes a model on-site letter that will be used by OFCCP to request an on-site review.

OFCCP also released Directive 2018-09: OFCCP Ombud Service that announces the planned implementation of an Ombud Service in the national office of OFCCP.  The service will

facilitate the fair and equitable resolution of specific types of concerns raised by OFCCP external stakeholders in coordination with regional and district offices.

We will be digging into each of these directives, audit transparency and the Ombud Service,  further and will provide our thoughts and insights in the coming days.