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Department of Labor to Recognize Employers Who Recruit, Employ Veterans

Coming out of the Honoring Investments in Recruiting and Employing American Military Veterans Act (HIRE Vets Act), signed by President Trump on May 5, the U.S Department of Labor has created the HIRE Vets Medallion Program.  The program will award employers who “recruit, retain, and employ veterans, and who offer charitable services in support of the … Continue Reading

OFCCP – Here to Stay or Not? Signs Indicate OFCCP Will Survive

With the transition to a new presidential administration well under way, everyone is looking for signs to help predict the future.  Given President Trump’s sweeping executive action, including entering an Executive Order requiring the identification of two regulations to be eliminated for every new regulation proposed, the question of whether the make-up of the federal agencies as we … Continue Reading

Federal Contractors Not the Only Ones with Disability Goals

Federal agencies soon will be required to engage in affirmative outreach for individuals with disabilities. The final rule issued by EEOC on December 30, 2016, will require federal agencies to take steps to increase the number of its employees that are individuals with disabilities beginning in January 2018. This is similar to the affirmative action obligations in … Continue Reading

Will OFCCP bring back Courtesy Scheduling Announcement Letters in 2017?

Happy New Year! As we ring in 2017 and prepare for affirmative action and OFCCP compliance in a Trump administration, many contractors are wondering whether 2017 will bring an OFCCP audit their way. Some may remember in years past around this time OFCCP would send out Courtesy Scheduling Announcement Letters (CSALs) providing advance notification to contractors of … Continue Reading

OFCCP Publishes New FAQs on Veterans Infographic

In August 2015, OFCCP released an infographic designed to assist veterans understand whether or not they were covered under the protections of the Vietnam Era Veterans Readjustment Assistance Act (VEVRAA) for affirmative action purposes.  The infographic spawned recent discussions surrounding the implications and interpretations of OFCCP’s definition of a protected veteran. Today, OFCCP published FAQs … Continue Reading

Giving Thanks to Our Nation’s Veterans

Today, as a country, we celebrate our nation’s veterans and recognize all they have done. We give our sincerest appreciation to all those who have sacrificed and given their service for our country. Over the past 18 months, employers who do business with the federal government have been working hard to do their part to … Continue Reading

OFCCP’s Section 503 Regulations Withstand Challenge

The United States Supreme Court has declined to accept Associated Builders & Contractor’s request to review the legality of OFCCP’s recently enacted regulations for individuals with disability.  This rejection signals the end of ABC’s year and a half long challenge of the Agency’s Section 503 regulations. While this may be the final chapter for ABC’s challenge, the Agency and … Continue Reading

Not Done Yet: An Update on OFCCP’s Regulatory Agenda

With the release of the new veterans and individuals with disabilities regulations, as well as roll-out of the new scheduling letter and LGBT regulations, OFCCP accomplished a lot over the last year and it’s not done yet. The latter-half of 2015 and into 2016 looks to bring more regulatory changes. The following items remain on … Continue Reading

Veteran Hiring and Veteran Preferences Gaining Steam

This past March, Labor Secretary Thomas Perez issued a News Release announcing the overall unemployment rate for all veterans has dropped for the fourth consecutive year – this is great news. In an effort to assist in the employment of veterans, covered federal contractors are required to set a protected veteran hiring benchmark as part … Continue Reading

National Veteran Hiring Benchmark Reduced to 7 Percent

Utilizing 2014 Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) year-end data, OFCCP has revised the VEVRAA hiring benchmark to 7 percent – down from the current 7.2% mark. Pursuant to the revised veteran regulations, covered contractors and subcontracts must either adopt the national benchmark, or set their own using the proscribed five-factor method, for each establishment. While … Continue Reading

It’s Been Six Months Since OFCCP Issued its Revised Scheduling Letter – What Have We Learned?

Since introducing its new scheduling letter in late 2014, OFCCP has made many important changes to enforcement in audits.  From ramped up enforcement of the Agency’s VEVRAA and Section 503 regulations to new and very different ways to investigate pay systems for discrimination, the Agency has fundamentally changed how it conducts compliance reviews.  And it’s … Continue Reading

OFCCP Releases Additional FAQs for Compliance with Veterans and Disability Regulations Under the New Scheduling Letter

Adding to the FAQs previously released, OFCCP has released additional guidance addressing audit submission requirements under the new Scheduling Letter for contractors more than six months into their plan year when the Scheduling Letter is received. Items 9 and 13 of the Scheduling Letter require contractors to provide documentation of the computation or comparisons called … Continue Reading

New Vets & Disability FAQs: What does “jobs filled” mean?

In addition to addressing questions about the self-identification process and hiring individuals with disabilities, OFCCP has provided further guidance on calculating “jobs filled” under the new regulations. Under both the new VEVRAA and Section 503 regulations, employers must now track and compare the number of “jobs filled” to the number of “job openings” as part of … Continue Reading

Insights Into OFCCP’s New VEVRAA and Section 503 FAQs

Last week OFCCP released new FAQs providing additional guidance for employers implementing the new veterans and disability of regulations. OFCCP has used the post-effective date release to clarify questions for contractors as they work to implement the regulation’s new obligations. On the issue of the treatment of individuals who identify as a protected veteran at … Continue Reading

OFCCP Posts New Section 503 and VEVRAA Guidance

As it has done periodically since the release of the new regulations, OFCCP has posted six new “frequently-asked questions” (FAQ) regarding the revised VEVRAA and Section 503 Regulations.  Each is highlighted with a “new” tag.  The FAQs are responsive to questions we’ve been hearing – and some asked during the SWARM conference during the Q&A session … Continue Reading

OFCCP Working On Public Service Announcement Regarding Disability Inquiries; New Training Offered

Public Service Announcement During her keynote address at the AAAA conference last week, OFCCP Director Patricia Shiu said the Agency is working on a public service announcement to help explain why federal contractors will soon begin requesting disability status from applicants and employees.  We’ve heard from many in the contractor community that there are concerns, … Continue Reading

Impact (So Far) of New Veterans and Disability Regulations in Compliance Reviews

Last week during The OFCCP Institute’s Annual Summit, Consuela Pinto from the Department of Labor’s Solicitor’s Office, in addition to speaking on other topics, touched on the impact of OFCCP’s new veteran and disability regulations thus far. Ms. Pinto confirmed OFCCP has not processed any violations based on audits involving application of the new regulations. … Continue Reading

VEVRAA and Section 503 Discussion with SWARM Officials

As we mentioned earlier, at the SWARM Regional Conference this afternoon, Regional Director Melissa Speer and Deputy Director Aida Collins, answered questions from conference attendees about implementation of the new veteran and disability regulations. During the Q&A session, Melissa and Aida graciously took questions from the crowd about real-world implementation scenarios.  For those questions they … Continue Reading

Greetings from the 2014 SWARM Regional Conference

Good Morning Folks!  We just listened to Melissa Speer, OFCCP SWARM Regional Director, open up the 2014 SWARM Regional Conference from the beautiful Omni Interlocken Hotel in Broomfield, Colorado.  As you can imagine Melissa had a lot of new OFCCP developments to chat about, including the recent Presidential executive actions surrounding pay discrimination as well … Continue Reading

White House Launches Online Veterans Employment Tool

In celebration of the three year anniversary of Joining Forces, an initiative connecting military families with the resources available to them, and on the heels of the effective date of OFCCP’s new veteran regulations, the White House released today a new  employment tool for veterans and employers.  The Veterans Employment Center is an online tool that connects … Continue Reading

Dissemination of Your EEO Policy: Are You Requesting “Cooperation” and “Appropriate Action” from Your Unions and Vendors?

With March 24th come and gone many employers are still working on implementing the required elements of OFCCP’s new veteran and disability regulations and making preparations for rolling-out Subpart C compliance measures. As of March 24th, contractors who are party to a collective bargaining agreement (CBA)  “shall notify union officials and/or employee representatives to inform them of … Continue Reading

OFCCP Launches A New Outreach and Recruitment Database for Contractors

In addition to releasing the veteran benchmark database, OFCCP has also launched a new outreach and recruitment database for use by contractors in connection with implementation of the new veteran and disability regulations. The OFCCP’s Disability and Veterans Community Resources Directory can be found on the OFCCP Web site athttp://www.dol-esa.gov/errd/index.html.  This new resource supplements the agency’s … Continue Reading

Which is Which: Getting All the Required EEO Notices in Place in Time for March 24th

As the last few days before the new veteran and disability regulations go into effect, we wanted to take moment in our  Countdown to March 24th Effective Date: Are you Ready to Flip the Switch series to help you clarify (and check-off) the obligations with respect to the various EEO notices, policy and posting requirements under the … Continue Reading