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Breaking News: OFCCP Could Be Close To Rescinding Current Compensation Directive

Bloomberg Law is reporting OFCCP may soon rescind the controversial Directive 307, which has been in place since early 2013, and sets out the Agency’s current methodology for analyzing pay.  In its place, Bloomberg reports OFCCP will direct compliance officers to review compensation based on pay groupings established by the contractor.  If the directive is rescinded and … Continue Reading

New Pay Equity Advisor Blog Launched

As we continue to see issues of pay equity arise on a daily basis, Jackson Lewis is pleased to announce the launch of its Pay Equity Advisor blog.  The blog was created to provide updates and practical strategies to employers facing hot button issues surrounding compensation and pay equity as the call for pay transparency … Continue Reading

Complimentary Webinar: What should you do now to prepare for EEO-1 Annual Pay Data Reporting

EEO-1 Annual Pay Data Reporting Has Arrived: What Should Employers Do Now?  As we’ve been reporting, the new EEO-1 reporting rules require employers with 100 or more employees to annually report W-2 earnings, work hours, race/ethnicity and gender for all U.S. employees, separately for each location. First reporting will be on 2017 data. The first … Continue Reading

‘Tis the Season . . . for EEO-1 & VETS-4212 Reporting

It rolls around each year:  back to school, Labor Day, football season and the September 30th deadline for government reporting.  While next year may bring changes given the proposed  EEO-1 pay report, the filing obligations remained unchanged for this year. Extensions Of note, we suspect the deadlines may not be automatically extended this year as they … Continue Reading

Companies Feeling Pressure to Confirm they Pay Employees “Equally”

Increasingly, high-profile companies in the tech industry are feeling the pressure to publicly share employee pay information and address any existing “pay gaps.”  This has led to a number of recent press releases from Silicon Valley employers proclaiming “equal pay” within their organizations. Most recently, in connection with Equal Pay Day, Facebook, Inc. and Microsoft … Continue Reading

Dr. Marika Litras Appointed OFCCP Director of the Division of Program Operations

OFCCP has announced Dr. Marika Litras as the new Director of the Division of Program Operations.  Dr. Litras has dedicated her career to public service.  She has previously held roles within OFCCP as a Senior Statistician, Director of Regional Operations in the Pacific, Director of the Functional Affirmative Action Program and, most recently, as Deputy Director of Program … Continue Reading

No Surprises: Pay Equity Rockets to Top of OFCCP Regulatory Agenda

The Department of Labor and OFCCP recently released its 2014 Spring Regulatory Agenda and there really are no surprises.  The Agenda reflects some of the Agency’s same agenda items as in years past along with items prioritized by President Obama’s recent executive actions. The old:  OFCCP has once again pushed back the timeline for new … Continue Reading

Let Your Voice be Heard! Upcoming Pay Equity Regulations Will Change Your World So Make Sure to Speak Up

Continuing to pursue his pay equity agenda, President Obama took the steering wheel by issuing two Executive Orders and a game-changing Presidential Memo in February and April.  Each of these actions requires the Department of Labor (DOL) to issue proposed regulations to implement the actions and flesh-out the many details not addressed in the Executive … Continue Reading

President Obama Signs New Executive Order and Memorandum Regarding Pay Discrimination Enforcement: What Does it Mean for Federal Contractors?

Its getting harder to be a Federal contractor.  On February 12, President Obama signed an executive order bumping the minimum wage for at least some federal contractor employees to $10.10 an hour, raising many questions which we discussed here.  But the President didn’t stop there.  Based on his action today, two new obligations will soon … Continue Reading

OFCCP’s 2015 Budget = More Money to Support Increased Enforcement

President Obama’s OFCCP 2015 fiscal year budget proposal remains true to OFCCP’s recent increased enforcement objectives – including the Agency’s increased focused on pay equity enforcement. The budget seeks an additional $1.1 million over the 2014 budget to be spread across the following areas: 10 additional full-time employee equivalents (for a total 710) “to strengthen enforcement efforts … Continue Reading