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EEOC To Publish Update to EEO-1 Pay Data Reporting Proposal

EEOC has released, for publication tomorrow, an update with changes to its proposed EEO-1 pay data collection report.  Once published in the federal register, the public will have 30 days to submit comments.  This update takes into consideration public comments received on the Agency’s initially proposed pay data collection tool.  As it did previously, Jackson … Continue Reading

The “Equal Pay Report” – OFCCP’s Proposed Regulations Will Create a New, Annual Reporting Obligation

As we reported earlier today, OFCCP has announced proposed regulations to satisfy President Obama’s mandate that contractors submit detailed pay data.    The NPRM will be officially published in the Federal Register this Friday with a 90 day public comment period after that. As proposed, the data collection tool, called the Equal Pay Report (EPR) in … Continue Reading

Secretary of Labor Thomas Perez Wants to Hear from the Contractor Community

The 32nd Annual ILG National Conference opened this morning with an address from Secretary of Labor Thomas Perez.  This was the first time a sitting Secretary addressed the group, and Secretary Perez hoped it would not be the last.  In his remarks, the Secretary acknowledged the “good work” employers have done in past months to … Continue Reading

No Surprises: Pay Equity Rockets to Top of OFCCP Regulatory Agenda

The Department of Labor and OFCCP recently released its 2014 Spring Regulatory Agenda and there really are no surprises.  The Agenda reflects some of the Agency’s same agenda items as in years past along with items prioritized by President Obama’s recent executive actions. The old:  OFCCP has once again pushed back the timeline for new … Continue Reading

Breaking News: OFCCP Sends Proposed Comp Data Collection Tool to OMB

As we’ve been sharing, OFCCP is working to develop a pay data collection tool for federal contractors in response to President Obama’s recent Presidential Memorandum on Pay Discrimination.  We have learned OFCCP sent its proposed regulation for this tool to OMB yesterday for review; it is not yet, however, available to the public.  Once we obtain more details we … Continue Reading

SWARM Conference Ends on a High Note: OFCCP Shares its View on Pay Investigations

On the last morning of the 2014 SWARM Regional Conference, attendees were treated to a special session with OFCCP officials and practitioners discussing OFCCP’s approach to pay enforcement.  On the panel from OFCCP were SWARM Regional Director Melissa Speer and Deputy Director of Operations, Marika Litras who graciously and skillfully filled in for an ill … Continue Reading

OFCCP Listens to Stakeholder Initial Thoughts On Pay Data Collection Tool

On April 29, 2014, OFCCP held the first of what we expect will be several meetings with interested parties regarding impending regulations implementing President Obama’s latest efforts to combat pay discrimination.  As we previously shared, on April 8, 2014, President Obama signed Executive Order 13665 prohibiting government contractors and subcontractors from discriminating against individuals for … Continue Reading

President Obama Signs New Executive Order and Memorandum Regarding Pay Discrimination Enforcement: What Does it Mean for Federal Contractors?

Its getting harder to be a Federal contractor.  On February 12, President Obama signed an executive order bumping the minimum wage for at least some federal contractor employees to $10.10 an hour, raising many questions which we discussed here.  But the President didn’t stop there.  Based on his action today, two new obligations will soon … Continue Reading