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Only One Item On OFCCP’s Spring Regulatory Agenda: TRICARE

Today, the Trump Administration released its Spring 2018 Unified Agenda of Regulatory and Deregulatory Actions, which “reports on the actions administrative agencies plan to issue in the near and long term.” OFCCP has only one item listed on its agenda, entitled “Affirmative Action and Nondiscrimination Obligations of Federal Contractors and Subcontractors: TRICARE and Certain Other Healthcare … Continue Reading

Healthcare Providers Take Note: New Proposed Bill Would Limit OFCCP Jurisdiction

While its been quite some time since we’ve discussed the issue, it seems we have occasion again to revisit the age-old, yet unresolved, question of whether healthcare providers are covered by federal affirmative action laws and regulations.  The answer to that question has been an ongoing saga in Congress and the courts. The recent history of this topic can be found here … Continue Reading

Federal Court Sides with OFCCP in Hospital Jurisdiction Case

In yet the latest chapter of the ongoing debate between the health care industry and OFCCP over the reach of the Agency’s jurisdiction, a federal court has determined OFCCP has jurisidction over three Pittsburgh-area hospitals receiving payments from a health plan for providing medical services to U.S. government employees. In light of this decision, OFCCP likely … Continue Reading