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Craig Leen to Officially Head Up OFCCP

As reported by Bloomberg Law, and reflected on OFCCP’s website, former OFCCP Acting Director Craig Leen has now been formally named Director of OFCCP.  Since being placed in the acting role this past Summer when the position was vacated by Ondray Harris, Leen has overseen the release of ten new directives and has worked tirelessly to rebuild the … Continue Reading

OFCCP Does Some Summer Cleaning

Spring is long gone but OFCCP has recently been doing some weeding… and replanting.  OFCCP recently released these Directives, some more notable than others: Directive 312 rescinds Directive 261 which established annual best practice awards for federal contractors and service organizations.  The Exemplary Voluntary Efforts , Exemplary Public Interest Contribution and the Secretary of Labor’s … Continue Reading