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OFCCP’s Agenda for 2019: More Audits and Increased Transparency

By Laura A. Mitchell, James D. Mackey, and Suzanne Donnelly Corwin As contractors start to see new scheduling letters arrive from OFCCP’s latest round of advance notification letters, OFCCP has new opportunities to  demonstrate its commitment to transparency, through implementation of the Agency’s recently released Directive 2018-08: Transparency in OFCCP Compliance Activities. The Agency’s stated philosophy is that transparency … Continue Reading

OFCCP Makes CSAL List Supplement Publicly Available

Wondering whether your organization has been selected for an upcoming audit as part of OFCCP’s recent Corporate Scheduling Announcement Letter (CSAL) list supplement?  Well, wonder no more.  OFCCP has made publicly available its most recent CSAL supplement as well as the two previous CSAL lists (2017 and 2018). As a reminder, CSALs are a “courtesy notification to an … Continue Reading

Complimentary Webinar: What You Need to Know About OFCCP’s New Compensation Directive

It’s been a little more than two weeks since OFCCP released its new Compensation Directive.  While we don’t yet have answers to all of the questions surrounding the Directive, we do have thoughts about what will likely change, and what will not, for federal contractors during compliance reviews. Since OFCCP has just released another round … Continue Reading

Additional Information on OFCCP’s Latest Round of CSALs

As we reported last week, OFCCP has released a supplemental list of contractors who have been selected for audit by the Agency.  In addition to releasing information about the supplemental list of CSALs, OFCCP also published a new FAQ addressing requests for extensions and a supplement to its recently disclosed scheduling methodology. Request for Extension FAQ One of … Continue Reading


OFCCP has been busy, and they are not slowing down.  Today, OFCCP issued an additional 750 Corporate Scheduling Announcement Letters (CSALs) to federal contractors providing advance notification of compliance reviews, in order to make sure the district and area offices “have a sufficient number of available establishments to schedule for compliance reviews until OFCCP releases … Continue Reading

OFCCP Discloses Audit Scheduling Methodology

In another show of transparency, OFCCP has released a detail description of its process for selecting contractors for audit.  The two-page document walks through, step-by-step, the process OFCCP undertook to identify establishments for the “first release of the FY 2018 Supply and Service scheduling list.”  As the release explains, OFCCP is not required to make … Continue Reading

Audit Letters Are In The Mail

As an update to last month’s report that OFCCP has put 800 establishments on notice of upcoming audits, we have learned that as of Friday, March 17, 2017, OFCCP has started sending out letters actually initiating audits. Unlike the courtesy scheduling announcement letters (CSALs) which provide advance notice of an audit, the Scheduling Letters put … Continue Reading

Update: Additional information on CSALs

As a follow up to our post yesterday, there is additional information available regarding OFCCP’s recent mailing out of courtesy scheduling announcement letters. After a hiatus for the past few years, OFCCP has officially confirmed it has once again sent out CSALs. dated February 17th.  Here are some additional details regarding this wave of notices: OFCCP is characterizing … Continue Reading

BREAKING NEWS: Advance OFCCP Audit Notification Letters Sent Out

It has come to our attention that OFCCP has sent out Courtesy Scheduling Announcement Letters providing contractors with advance notice of upcoming OFCCP audits.  Signed by interim Director Tom Dowd, dated February 17, 2017 and addressed generically to Human Resources Director, the letters provide warning that the establishment listed has been selected for an impending OFCCP compliance … Continue Reading

Will OFCCP bring back Courtesy Scheduling Announcement Letters in 2017?

Happy New Year! As we ring in 2017 and prepare for affirmative action and OFCCP compliance in a Trump administration, many contractors are wondering whether 2017 will bring an OFCCP audit their way. Some may remember in years past around this time OFCCP would send out Courtesy Scheduling Announcement Letters (CSALs) providing advance notification to contractors of … Continue Reading

OFCCP Considering More Frequent Rounds of Advance Audit Notifications

We learned today OFCCP is considering dispensing with the twice-a-year advance audit notification frequency, in exchange for notifying smaller groups on a more frequent basis about their establishments’ selection for an upcoming OFCCP compliance review. For the past several years, OFCCP has issued Courtesy Scheduling Announcement Letters (CSALs) twice a year.  It is our understanding … Continue Reading

Breaking News: OFCCP Poised to Send 2,500 Advance Audit Notification Letters to Contractors

In the coming days OFCCP will mail approximately 2,500 Courtesy Scheduling Announcement Letters (CSALs) across the country to employer locations slated for audits. The CSALs do not initiate audits but instead put employers on notice that their establishments have been identified for upcoming OFCCP compliance reviews. Importantly, audits initiated under this new round of letters … Continue Reading

Are You Ready to Respond to OFCCP’s New Audit Playbook?: A Special Complimentary Affirmative Action Webinar

OFCCP recently mailed out close to 2,500 Courtesy Scheduling Announcement Letters to employers providing advance notice of upcoming audits. Up against the fast-approaching end of the Agency’s fiscal year, OFCCP began initiating actual audits immediately after the CSALs were mailed. While we can certainly expect OFCCP to continue to focus their enforcement efforts on traditional areas of … Continue Reading

CSAL UPDATE: New Details on Wave of OFCCP Advance Audit Notification Letters

Jackson Lewis has learned the following about the latest round of OFCCP Courtesy Scheduling Announcement Letters (CSALs). On July 16, 2014 OFCCP sent out a wave of CSALs giving employers advance notice about impending OFCCP compliance reviews. The latest CSAL wave included:  568 employers 1,507 establishments 23 industries 30 Corporate Management Compliance Evaluations (CMCEs) were … Continue Reading

OFCCP Sends Large Wave of Advance Notice Audit Letters: Are You Ready to Respond?

On the final day of January, OFCCP mailed over 2,100 Corporate Scheduling Announcement Letters to more than 830 employers across the country. The “CSALs,” which provide employers with advance notice of locations slated for audits, started arriving in mailboxes this week. And OFCCP began initiating actual audits immediately. During these audits, OFCCP will:  vigorously investigate … Continue Reading

OFCCP Releases Details of 2014 Audit Scheduling Selection Process

As we alerted earlier this week, OFCCP has released a wave of  advance audit notice letters notifying facilities of their selection for impending review by the Agency.  In an uncommon step, OFCCP has released some details of its Fiscal Year 2014 audit Scheduling List, selection process.  Details include the following: 856 contractors “made the list;” OFCCP intends to … Continue Reading

UPDATE – Advance Notification Letters are OUT

As an update to our post last week – OFCCP has mailed out a wave of more than 2,100 advance audit notification letters to over 850 employers.  In a new twist, Jackson Lewis has learned OFCCP will “cap” the number of audits for any single employer at 35. The letters are dated January 31, 2014 and … Continue Reading

Audit Advance Notification Letters on Their Way

As the contractor community prepares to implement some of the largest regulatory changes in the past two decades, Jackson Lewis has learned OFCCP plans to soon send out advance notification letters (CSALs) notifying employers of their selection for upcoming compliance reviews.  These letters do not initiate audits, but given employers notification that there establishment has … Continue Reading

OFCCP Briefly Posts CSAL Lists Online

As we first reported last summer, OFCCP has been contemplating publishing the advance notification list of employer’s and their facilities selected for upcoming compliance reviews via the web.  It came to our attention yesterday that these lists were available on OFCCP’s website – without any prior notification from the Agency.   However, as it turns out, … Continue Reading

Breaking News: OFCCP Sends Out Large Wave of Advance Notice Letters Notifying Employers of Compliance Audits

On March 27, 2013 OFCCP sent out a wave advance notice letters –referred to as CSAL’s – to employers across the country.  In November, 2012, OFCCP emailed more 1,750 CSALs.  We have learned the number of CSAL’s mailed last week exceeds the last round of notifications sent in November.  As result, employers can expect a … Continue Reading

LATE BREAKING NEWS: Update from OFCCP National Office regarding CSALs

We just spoke with OFCCP’s National Office and confirmed 1,762 CSALs were sent out last week to individual establishments.   There were no Functional Affirmative Action Plan (FAAP) notifications and no Corporate Management Compliance Evaluations (CMCEs) notifications sent in this latest round of CSALs. OFCCP confirmed that this is the first round of CSALs for OFCCP’s … Continue Reading

BREAKING NEWS: OFCCP Does About Face and Issues Hardcopy Advance Audit Notification Letters

With great fanfare OFCCP announced in August at the ILG National conference in Hawaii that it would be forgoing the mailing of advance notification letters to employers in exchange for publishing the list of likely compliance reviews via the Agency’s website.  Despite its previous announcement of a move to the web-based notification system, last week OFCCP mailed out … Continue Reading