On the final day of January, OFCCP mailed over 2,100 Corporate Scheduling Announcement Letters to more than 830 employers across the country. The “CSALs,” which provide employers with advance notice of locations slated for audits, started arriving in mailboxes this week. And OFCCP began initiating actual audits immediately. During these audits, OFCCP will:

  •  vigorously investigate

As we’ve mentioned in our previous posts about the new Veterans and Disability Regulations we will be providing information and insights about the new regulations in various forms over the upcoming weeks, including through a series of three complimentary webcasts.

The first of these webcasts, to be released September 9th, will provide an overview of

In an effort to provide the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs and its compliance officers “more flexibility” in the review of employer pay practices, the Agency has rescinded its own compensation standards and voluntary guidelines and issued a new “game-changing” Directive. Under the new Directive, OFCCP commits to developing a “case-by-case” approach to