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Complimentary Webinar: What You Need to Know About OFCCP’s New Compensation Directive

It’s been a little more than two weeks since OFCCP released its new Compensation Directive.  While we don’t yet have answers to all of the questions surrounding the Directive, we do have thoughts about what will likely change, and what will not, for federal contractors during compliance reviews. Since OFCCP has just released another round … Continue Reading

OFCCP’s New Compensation Directive – What Does it Really Mean For Contractors?

There’s been a lot of discussion in past days about OFCCP’s new Compensation Directive, which describes the Agency’s approach to investigating pay discrimination.  We’ve spent some time digging into the details of the directive.  We’ve previously shared our thoughts about the Directive’s commitment to transparency, and now, as promised, want to share our thoughts about the nuts and … Continue Reading

BREAKING NEWS: OFCCP Issues New Compensation Directive and Other Directives

It’s here!  OFCCP has finally issued its long-awaited, much-anticipated, new compensation directive.  The Directive explicitly replaces the controversial Directive 307 and sets out the Agency’s current approach, and commitment to transparency, with respect to pay equity analyses. Directive 2018-05: Analysis of Contractor Compensation Practices During a Compliance Evaluation outlines “standard procedures for reviewing contractor compensation practices during a … Continue Reading

OFCCP Plans More Webinars on New Compensation Directive

Responding to questions following her keynote address at the annual conference of the American Association for Affirmative Action, OFCCP Director Patricia Shiu informed conference participants that OFCCP plans to conduct additional webinars on Directive 307, the Agency’s new Procedures for Reviewing Contractor Compensation Systems and Practices. Director Shiu explained that there appears to be a … Continue Reading

Breaking News: OFCCP Sends Out Large Wave of Advance Notice Letters Notifying Employers of Compliance Audits

On March 27, 2013 OFCCP sent out a wave advance notice letters –referred to as CSAL’s – to employers across the country.  In November, 2012, OFCCP emailed more 1,750 CSALs.  We have learned the number of CSAL’s mailed last week exceeds the last round of notifications sent in November.  As result, employers can expect a … Continue Reading

Complimentary Webinar on OFCCP’s “Game Changing” Compensation Directive

In an effort to provide the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs and its compliance officers “more flexibility” in the review of employer pay practices, the Agency has rescinded its own compensation standards and voluntary guidelines and issued a new “game-changing” Directive. Under the new Directive, OFCCP commits to developing a “case-by-case” approach to investigating employer pay … Continue Reading