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Annual VETS Reporting Portal Open

Even though it feels as thought we are still in the midst of summer, the time is here for annual VETS-4212 reporting.  The portal is now open for the 2018 filing season which started on August 1, 2018 and ends on September 30, 2018. If you recall, last year, VETS clarified that in addition to using … Continue Reading

Federal Contractor Paid Sick Leave in Effect

As the first quarter of 2018 nears its end, and we are adjusting to an extra hour of daylight (and an hour less sleep this weekend) we wanted to take a moment to remind you about the Paid Sick Leave obligations that went into effect in January 2017 for covered contractors.   For a refresher of these obligations, check out the blog post … Continue Reading

EEO-1 Survey Portal Open for Reporting

The portal is now open for employers to file their 2017 EEO-1 Surveys.  The deadline to file this year is March 31, 2018.  Following a reprieve in 2017, this will be employers’ first filing since the Fall of 2016.  While giving employers a break from reporting, the hiatus also allowed the EEO-1 Joint Reporting Committee time to implement some changes … Continue Reading

It’s Time to be Thinking about your 2018 EEO-1 Reports

Now that you’ve successfully filed your 2017 VETS-4212 reports, it’s time to focus on EEO-1 reporting.  Most employers are not accustomed to focusing on EEO-1 reporting going into a new year, but following the filing reprieve in 2017, employers need to make sure they are prepared to file in 2018. As previously reported, federal contractors and … Continue Reading

Important Clarification Received Regarding 2018 VETS-4212 Filings

It’s that time of year again to start preparing for the annual required VETS-4212 filing. Nothing will change for this year (2017) reporting cycle.  Starting August 1, 2017, contractors will be able to file their 2017 reports through the reporting portal.  Note, anything filed before August 1, 2017 will be recorded as part of the 2016 filing cycle. … Continue Reading

‘Tis the Season . . . for EEO-1 & VETS-4212 Reporting

It rolls around each year:  back to school, Labor Day, football season and the September 30th deadline for government reporting.  While next year may bring changes given the proposed  EEO-1 pay report, the filing obligations remained unchanged for this year. Extensions Of note, we suspect the deadlines may not be automatically extended this year as they … Continue Reading

Federal Contractors and Job Seekers: A Checklist Of Career Website Requirements

OFCCP’s Pay Transparency regulations recently went into effect and with it came new information dissemination obligations for contractors with respect to job seekers. OFCCP recently held a webinar in which they discussed these obligations. In addition, the agency recently updated its website to include a section specifically addressing employer obligations surrounding posting of the Pay … Continue Reading

Pay Transparency Obligations Are Now Effective

Happy New Year!  For the government contractor community 2016 seems to be picking up right where 2015 left off  – with implementation of new compliance obligations. Eleven days into the new year and federal contractors are now subject to Executive Order 13665 – the Pay Transparency Executive Order.  While January 11, 2016 is officially the first day government contractors can … Continue Reading

Another EEO-1 Filing Rule Change

As we previously reported, the annual EEO-1 Reporting portal has opened and along with it some changes to the reporting requirements.  Probably the most impactful change is the new requirement that companies may no longer file more than one EEO-1 report for the same address if the North American Industrial Classification System Code (NAICS) is the same … Continue Reading

EEO-1 Reporting Portal Now Open: Changes Unveiled

In addition to filing annual VETS-4212 reports, federal contractors with 50 or more employees and $50,000 or more in contracts (and non-government contract employers with more than 100 employees) must file annual EEO-1 surveys.   The reporting portal for filing the EEO-1 reports opened today and will remain open until at least September 30. Employers need a login and … Continue Reading

Annual VETS-4212 Reporting Reporting Portal OPEN

It’s that time again to file your required VETS reports.  Under the Vietnam Era Veterans’ Readjustment Act of 1972 (VEVRAA), federal contractors and subcontractors with contracts of $100,000 or more are required to file reports annually with Veterans’ Employment and Training Service (VETS). This year contractors will be filing for the first time the new VETS 4212 form.  … Continue Reading

Public Comment Period Extended for Fair Pay and Safe Workplaces Proposed Rules and Guidance

The Department of Labor has extended the public comment period for the U.S. Department of Labor’s proposed guidance (“DOL Guidance”) implementing President Obama’s “Fair Pay and Safe Workplaces” Executive Order (E.O. 13673).  The Department of Defense has done the same with respect to the Federal Acquisition Regulatory (“FAR”) Council  proposed regulations (“FAR Proposed Rule”) implementing the Executive Order.  The public … Continue Reading

There’s Still Time to Comment on OFCCP’s Proposed Sex Discrimination Rules

OFCCP published its long-awaited Sex Discrimination Rules amidst a lot of other activity vying for our attention.  Maybe you’ve not had the chance to review them (yet). But you’ve still got time.  The public comment period is open until Tuesday March 31, 2015 – let your voice be heard. Comments can be filed via fax or … Continue Reading

It’s hard to be a government contractor, and it’s about to get harder . . .

So come join us at The OFCCP Institute Fall Symposium in Chicago on October 1st & 2nd.   We will do a deep dive into the many new obligations emerging from President Obama’s recent series of executive orders. We also will examine and explain the OFCCP’s latest enforcement trends. As you know (if you’ve been … Continue Reading

The “Equal Pay Report” – OFCCP’s Proposed Regulations Will Create a New, Annual Reporting Obligation

As we reported earlier today, OFCCP has announced proposed regulations to satisfy President Obama’s mandate that contractors submit detailed pay data.    The NPRM will be officially published in the Federal Register this Friday with a 90 day public comment period after that. As proposed, the data collection tool, called the Equal Pay Report (EPR) in … Continue Reading

Let Your Voice be Heard! Upcoming Pay Equity Regulations Will Change Your World So Make Sure to Speak Up

Continuing to pursue his pay equity agenda, President Obama took the steering wheel by issuing two Executive Orders and a game-changing Presidential Memo in February and April.  Each of these actions requires the Department of Labor (DOL) to issue proposed regulations to implement the actions and flesh-out the many details not addressed in the Executive … Continue Reading

OFCCP Launches A New Outreach and Recruitment Database for Contractors

In addition to releasing the veteran benchmark database, OFCCP has also launched a new outreach and recruitment database for use by contractors in connection with implementation of the new veteran and disability regulations. The OFCCP’s Disability and Veterans Community Resources Directory can be found on the OFCCP Web site at  This new resource supplements the agency’s … Continue Reading

Which is Which: Getting All the Required EEO Notices in Place in Time for March 24th

As the last few days before the new veteran and disability regulations go into effect, we wanted to take moment in our  Countdown to March 24th Effective Date: Are you Ready to Flip the Switch series to help you clarify (and check-off) the obligations with respect to the various EEO notices, policy and posting requirements under the … Continue Reading

Assessing the Effectiveness of Your Outreach Efforts after March 24th

In today’s post as part of our “Countdown to March 24th Effective Date: Are you Ready to Flip the Switch?” series, we’ll be discussing the new obligation under the veterans and disability regulations that employers must now “assess the effectiveness” of their good faith outreach programs. Back in 2011 when OFCCP first released the proposed … Continue Reading

State Listing Requirements: What Should You and Your Vendor Be Doing After March 24th?

Today’s installment of our “Countdown to March 24th Effective Date: Are you Ready to Flip the Switch?” series focuses on the enhanced obligations involving posting positions with state employment services. Under the current VEVRAA regulations employers are required to list appropriate job openings with the state Employment Service Delivery System (ESDS) in the state where … Continue Reading

Notifying Applicants of EEO Rights…after Monday March 24, 2014

As the next installment of our “Countdown to March 24th Effective Date: Are you Ready to Flip the Switch?” let’s take a look at what employers need to be telling Job Seekers after March 24th . . . A number of the new veteran and disability obligations effective March 24, 2014 involve notifying job seekers that your … Continue Reading

Countdown to March 24th Effective Date: Are you Ready to “Flip the Switch?”

Today will mark the first in a series of posts over the next week counting down to the March 24th effective date for OFCCP’s new Veteran and Disability regulations. During the next week we will seek to provide you with practical pointers and tips as you work through your checklists and prepare to “flip the … Continue Reading

Requirement to Post Union Rights Still in Effect for Federal Contractors

Earlier this month the NLRB  decided not to appeal two appellate court decisions invalidating the NLRB’s 2011 adoption of a rule requiring private sector employers to post notices advising employees of their rights under the National Labor Relations Act.  The decision to allow this deadline to pass rendered the posting obligations “dead in the water” for … Continue Reading

2013 EEO-1 Reporting Period Scheduled to Open In July: Users to Receive New Passwords

In preparation for the 2013 EEO-1 reporting period, set to open in July, the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) has reset the passwords for all users of the online system “for security and confidentiality purposes.”  Reporting companies will receive “notification letters” that will contain their new password. Users who need to access the system … Continue Reading