As all good things must do, the this year’s NILG National Conference has come to a close. As is tradition at this point, the last morning of the conference featured a panel of OFCCP’s Regional Directors, including Diana Sen (Northeast), Carmen Navarro (Midwest), Jane Suhr (Pacific & SWARM), Aida Collins (Southeast), and Sam Maiden (Mid-Atlantic). The panel, moderated by NILG Board Member Valerie Vickers, discussed hot issues, and answered specific questions about compensation, artificial intelligence, transparency, and self-identification, among others – all topics that fostered robust discussion throughout the conference.

The Regional Directors echoed a number of messages shared by interim OFCCP Director Michelle Hodge to open the conference, including the desire to work with contractors to resolve matters early on in the audit process as well as the training being administered for new compliance officers. They also reiterated the agency’s focus on obtaining timely and complete submissions from contractors during the audit process speaking specifically about the Agency’s approach to looking at all components of pay – not just base and bonus, and the Agency’s work to ensure contractors who utilize artificial intelligence are in compliance with their nondiscrimination obligations.

Director Sen shared details as to the Agency’s process for analyzing compensation, including the regions routine collaboration with the national office, including standing meetings with the Bureau of Enforcement Statistics.

Channeling the “Transforming for Tomorrow” theme of the conference, the regional directors each shared a “promising practice or issue.” Director Collins is finding early resolutions are making a difference while Director Sen shared promising practices observed by compliance officers in Corporate Management Compliance Evaluations (CMCE). Director Navarro encouraged contractors to fully implement their AAPs prior to audits and both Directors Suhr and Maiden highlighted the technical assistance offerings of the Agency for contractors to use to get into compliance, something further highlighted by each Director as the panel concluded.

In closing, Val thanked each of the Directors for their participation and acknowledged

“these conferences would not be as rich without OFCCP.”

This week was undoubtedly thought-provoking and full of knowledge, insights and information sharing. We look forward to doing it again next year and hope to see you all in 2024 in Orlando!