The June 30, 2022 deadline is quickly approaching for covered supply and service federal contractors and subcontractors to certify in the Contractor Portal they have developed and maintained AAPs.  This week, OFCCP added an option allowing bulk upload and modification of establishments and functional affirmative action plan (FAAP) business units.

Notably, OFCCP limits this functionality to contractors with 100 or more establishments or FAAP business units:

Companies with 100 or more establishments or functional/business units may request to have their establishments or functional/business units modified or uploaded in bulk by using the Bulk Upload/Modification Template.

Also notable is that this option is not self-executing.  Rather, any contractor wishing to use the bulk option must complete the data template and “Email the completed Bulk Upload/Modification Template as an attachment to In the subject line enter ‘Bulk Upload/Modification Request’.”  The contractor must also request bulk upload on company letterhead and include contact information for a responsible company representative.

OFCCP will then notify the contractor by email when the upload is complete, at which point the contractor must, “Register the Parent Company again using the ‘Identifiers Known Path’” and then check for and remove any establishments that have closed since the contractor filed its 2018 EEO-1 Report.  Even though those establishments will not appear in the bulk upload template, OFCCP will not remove them from the Portal.

Thus, while the bulk upload/modification option is more cumbersome than it might be, it may still offer some efficiencies to contractors with 100 or more establishments or FAAPs.

In support of this option, OFCCP has offered:

We will continue to provide updates and insights as we learn of them.