The EEOC has announced on its EEO-1 Data Collection website that it has, again, extended the deadline for filing EEO-1 Reports this year—this time to October 25.  Employers still rushing to finalize and upload their 2019 and 2020 EEO-1 reports by the prior August 23 deadline will certainly welcome this extra breathing room.

But EEOC’s announcement makes clear that there will be no more extensions:

Please note that this new deadline is the FINAL DEADLINE and all eligible filers MUST submit data by this date.  No additional changes to the filing deadline will be made.

So it is wise for employers to continue to finalize these reports with urgency.  This year, the EEO Joint Reporting Commission must review and approve each company’s 2019 filing before it may file its 2020 data, which also must be approved.   This, among other things, has caused delays in certifying filings this year.  As the deadline approaches beware of this added step and be sure to plan ahead.