As anticipated, by perhaps earlier than expected, OFCCP has released the next round of anticipated audit.  The 2020 CSAL is included in OFCCP’s FOIA website.  The list has a total of 2,250 establishments and includes contractors selected for new accommodation and promotion focused reviews.  Institutions of higher education are also included in this list as OFCCP indicated they would be following release of the Educational Institutions Technical Assistance Guide.   There is a separate list of 200 Construction contractors selected for audit.  This is the first time construction contractors have been included on the CSALs since the release of the new Construction Technical Assistance Guide.

As with past lists, the CSAL is an advance notice of audits to be scheduled in the future.  Contractors will be notified of the actual commencement of their audits by receipt of a Scheduling Letter.  OFCCP is still in the process of scheduling audits identified on previous CSAL lists, and has just begun scheduling VEVRAA Focused Reviews.

We will provide additional details, including timing of scheduling of audits from this CSAL, as they become available.