Checking off another of the Agency’s “To Dos”, OFCCP has published revisions and updates to the Federal Contractor Compliance Manual (FCCM).  The manual is the Agency’s “instruction manual” providing

guidance for OFCCP’s compliance officers in conducting compliance evaluations and complaint investigations . . .

Revisions to the guide have been promised for years, and the Agency under the leadership of Director Craig Leen has finally accomplished it in furtherance of its commitment to transparency to the contractor community.

The Agency has made changes to a good number of the Manual’s sections but they’ve emphasized highlight the following changes:

  • Revisions to align with the Agency’s new directives
  • Addition of protected bases to align with OFCCP’s authority
  • Updated language and direction with respect to disability and veteran requirements

The Agency has published a list of the changes but encourages review of “the entirety of the referenced section(s) in which an update occurred . . . in order to better understand the full context of the update.”

We are in the process of digesting and comparing the this new version of the manual to the previous edition and will be back soon with more specific insights.