As previewed a while ago on the Agency’s Technical Assistance website, OFCCP has released a Technical Assistance Guide for Educational Institutions.  The 80-page guide contains

  • An overview of the equal employment opportunity obligations for federal contractors
  • The required components of affirmative action programs and related information
  • What to expect during an OFCCP compliance evaluation

As part of the Agency’s stated purpose for the guide it recognizes that

due to their complex organization, it is difficult to objectively measure educational institutions’ hiring, promotion, and compensation of instructional staff. These elements may depend on personal factors such as the prestige of publications, research, discipline, and contributions to the institution.

As a result, the agency designed the guide to

assist contractors that are educational institutions to understand their obligations under the laws and regulations OFCCP enforces and to help them prepare for compliance evaluations.

We will be evaluating the contents of the Guide and provide you with additional insights in the coming days.