Though we may be in the height of summer, there is no slowing down for OFCCP.  Following last week’s ILG National Conference, OFCCP has continued to release additional guidance and assistance for contractors.  Most recently, OFCCP has introduced its Ombudsperson and unveiled a Contractor Assistance Portal.


In September 2018, OFCCP first announced it would be reviving the role of the Ombudsperson.  After a lengthy search, OFCCP has selected Marcus Stergio to fill the role in the agency’s national office.

According to OFCCP’s announcement

Marcus’ first assignment will be to design and implement OFCCP’s Ombud Service to facilitate the fair and equitable resolution for specific types of issues raised by OFCCP stakeholders in coordination with regional and district offices.

Fittingly, his prior experience includes serving as the primary administrator of the dispute resolution process for a number of multi-national organizations, companies and institutions. Per OFCCP’s press release, he received his Master’s degree in conflict resolution from the University of Massachusetts, Boston and his Bachelor’s degree from Northeastern University. Stergio also took part in Harvard Law School’s Program on Negotiation and Dispute Resolution in 2013.

The Ombud Service fits well into the agency’s principal of transparency as the role, according to Director Leen will

provide an independent perspective and facilitate communication between external stakeholders and OFCCP regional and district offices.

OFCCP also recently announced the appointment of a Deputy Director, Bob Gaglione.  Deputy Director Gaglione had a distinguished 30-year legal career in San Diego before joining the agency.

We are looking forward to getting to know Marcus and Deputy Director Gaglione and having the opportunity to work with them both.

Contractor Assistance Portal

Adding to its continually-expanding contractor resources, and in furtherance of its Town Hall Action Plan, OFCCP has unveiled a Contractor Assistance PortalDiscussed previously in some instances as an “on-line” HelpDesk, the Agency has developed to portal as a place

where companies doing business with the federal government come together to learn solutions to common U.S. Department of Labor’s Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) compliance problems and challenges.

Specifically, OFCCP envisions the portal to be a place where contractors can ask questions (without attribution) to receive verified answers, search our library of frequently asked questions, and access helpful reference and compliance assistance materials.  OFCCP notes the agency intends to “continuously update the online help desk with new features and compliance assistance resources.” 

Stay tuned for more . . .