As July 15th draws closer, EEOC and NORC are ramping up for opening of the EEO-1 Component 2 Pay Data reporting portal.

As part of these efforts, they are consistently providing new information on the reporting obligation.  Most recently, the reporting website has been updated to include assurances from NORC on data system security in the form of a new FAQ as well as release of the file upload specifications.  The new FAQ appears at the very end of the list of available questions and answers and provides details about NORC’s processes and protocols for protecting the information submitted by filers during the reporting process.

The file specifications include a list of the questions and information employers will be required to provide to complete the filing and goes into more detail than the sample forms previously provided.  The specifications show that for each, separate, establishment report filed, employers will need to answer a question regarding federal contractor status.  Though employers have previously been required to answer this question at an organizational level for EEO-1 Component 1 reporting purposes, this is the first time they are being asked to do so on an individual location basis.  This level of disclosure seemingly has not been previously discussed, or evaluated, from a burden standpoint.

We anticipate additional updates and release of new information in the coming days so stay tuned in!