OFCCP announced Friday that it will post a new Corporate Scheduling Announcement List (CSAL)(formerly known as Corporate Scheduling Announcement Letter or Courtesy Scheduling Announcement Letter) in “mid-to-late March.”  As previously announced, OFCCP now makes the CSAL publicly available and, for the first time, OFCCP will send no letters to federal contractors – thus the changed reference to Corporate Scheduling Announcement List instead of “letter”.  Instead, the March 2019 CSAL will appear only in OFCCP’s FOIA Library

However, when it posts the CSAL, OFCCP says it will provide us all with an email notice.  That is, if you’ve subscribed to OFCCP’s email updates, which OFCCP encourages all federal contractors to do.  If you would like to be on OFCCP’s listserv, you can subscribe here.  We will also be continuously monitoring OFCCP’s site and will post any updates as we see them.

Importantly, with the advent of the electronic CSAL, OFCCP confirmed the new list

will include Section 503 Focused Reviews as outlined in [OFCCP’s] Focused Review Directive (DIR 2018-04) and compliance checks as outlined in [OFCCP’s] Affirmative Action Program Verification Initiative Directive (DIR 2018-07).  

As with the last CSAL, OFCCP will not send actual scheduling letters initiating audits for another 45 days from publication of the CSAL list.  Thus, contractors have at least 60 days to get prepared. 

As always, stay tuned.