As OFCCP heads into 2019, with an official Director in place, the Agency is looking towards implement many of its new Directives released in the second half of 2018. Back in September, we discussed OFCCP Directive 2018-09: OFCCP Ombud Service, one of the number of policy changes OFCCP hoped to develop to increase a sense of transparency and impartiality between it and government contractors. On December 21, OFCCP took the first step in following through on this plan by posting an opening for the Ombud position.

Developed in response to a series of stakeholder meetings in 2017 and 2018, OFCCP describes the role of the Ombud as a liaison between the Agency and the regulated community who will:

  • Listen to external stakeholder concerns about OFCCP matters and suggestions for improvements;
  • Promote and facilitate resolution of OFCCP matters at the district and region office level;
  • Work with OFCCP district and regional office as a liaison to resolve certain issues after stakeholder have exhausted district and regional office channels;
  • Refer stakeholders to the OFCCP Help Desk for routine compliance and technical assistance inquiries;
  • Accept and review matters referred directly by the national office; and
  • Have the discretion to reject a referral in appropriate circumstances.

The Ombud position will be housed in the Washington D.C. Office and will be a career staff position, meaning that the eventual hire may have considerable independence as he or she would not be automatically replaced when OFCCP leadership changes. The position is scheduled to be open until the end of the week – January 18 – so make sure to apply if you are interested.

We will continue to cover the development and rollout of this and other new OFCCP Directives as they are implemented so as always, stay tuned.