It appears OFCCP has made some updates to its latest Corporate Scheduling Announcement List release.  When accessing the current publicly available list through OFCCP’s website, the resulting file now displays a header which indicates the file contains “addresses updated as of September 24, 2018.”  Upon close review and comparison with the original list posted last week, it seems OFCCP has updated city and state information for some the establishments selected as part of the supplemental selection process.  For example, initially, an establishment in Irvine, CA appeared on the list for a particular company.  On the revised supplemental list, while the street address for the establishment remains the same, the city and state are now be reported as Hampton, VA. There are a handful of other updates, like filling in or correcting a parent company or unit name, but the vast majority appear to be address modifications.

If any of your company’s establishments appeared on the supplemental list, it is a good idea to revisit the list to confirm the location or locations selected for review.