Bloomberg Law is reporting OFCCP may soon rescind the controversial Directive 307, which has been in place since early 2013, and sets out the Agency’s current methodology for analyzing pay.  In its place, Bloomberg reports OFCCP will direct compliance officers to review compensation based on pay groupings established by the contractor.  If the directive is rescinded and replaced as being reported, this would be the end to what some have deemed a failed experiment at OFCCP and seemingly return the agency to firmer ground for its pay analyses.

We are aware OFCCP Director Ondray Harris and Special Advisor Craig Leen have recently been reviewing and evaluating OFCCP’s approach to compensation.  If issued in the coming days, this would be the second directive issued under Director Harris’ leadership of the Agency.

As soon as we receive confirmation of the rescission and have an opportunity to review any new directive that is issued we will provide an update and our insights.