If you’ve e-mailed anything to OFCCP in connection with a compliance review in the past 5 years you likely received a message recently letting you know about OFCCP’s upcoming survey.  As it did several years ago, OFCCP will be asking a select group of contractors to provide feedback on how the agency is doing and to make suggestions on improvements.  Not all contractors will be selected to receive the survey, but for those that are, the survey is scheduled to go out via e-mail over the next two weeks.

In furtherance of the collaborative tone and theme we’ve been hearing from Director Harris and the new OFCCP leadership team, OFCCP notes the purpose of the survey is specifically

to gather more information about how we can continue improving communication, transparency, and timeliness during our compliance evaluations.

The survey appears to pose a unique opportunity for contractors to share their thoughts with the Agency in the hopes of influencing policy and process changes.

Concerns about anonymity and data security we raised last time OFCCP promulgated a survey.  OFCCP explained in today’s e-mail the steps it has taken to address these concerns, which include:

  • selecting the option in SurveyMonkey that makes survey responses anonymous; and
  • not having SurveyMonkey not collect or share data with OFCCP that would personally identify survey respondents, including their IP address.

OFCCP also reiterated that compliance review scheduling is in no way impacted by survey participation nor will it have an impact on current reviews.

Questions regarding the survey should be directed to OFCCP-Customer-Exp-Survey@dol.gov.