As a follow up to our post yesterday, there is additional information available regarding OFCCP’s recent mailing out of courtesy scheduling announcement letters.

After a hiatus for the past few years, OFCCP has officially confirmed it has once again sent out CSALs. dated February 17th.  Here are some additional details regarding this wave of notices:

  • OFCCP is characterizing this as the “first” release of CSALs
    • OFCCP has not confirmed if and when another round will go out
  • Approximately 800 notices were mailed
  • 375 distinct companies were noticed
    • This means some companies will receive notices for multiple establishments
  • The companies were from 29 different industries based on reported NAICS codes
  • 30 Corporate Management Compliance Evaluations (CMCEs) were included in the notices

It’s important to keep in mind that a CSAL does not commence an audit (only a scheduling letter can do that) and does not guarantee an audit.  Moreover, OFCCP can audit locations not listed on a CSAL.

Now that OFCCP has decided to once again give contractors advance notice of upcoming audits, its imperative that employers take advantage of this gift of extra-time to ensure they are prepared to submit a compliant AAP once their audit actually commences.