Who will lead the OFCCP under a new Trump administration?  The short is answer is we still don’t know. 

As we previously reported, OFCCP Director Pat Shiu left the Agency in the days following the election.  Deputy Director, Tom Dowd, a seasoned OFCCP official, has now taken the reins as the “Interim Acting Director” and will remain in place until a new leader is announced by the incoming administration.  Shortly before Director Shiu announced her departure, she obtained approval for the creation of a new leadership position within OFCCP – Director of Enforcement.  This position, which was given to Marika Litras, a senior OFCCP official, was created to “help the agency remain steadfast in carrying out its enforcement mission.”  Dr. Litras was previously the Director of the Division of Program Operations (DPO) for OFCCP.

 In the past, the new Secretary of Labor has provided input on the selection of Department directors, including OFCCP.  Present-elect Trump recently announced Andy Puzder, a pro-employer businessman, as his nominee for Secretary of Labor.  Puzder’s impact on OFCCP remains to be seen, however, his selection is certainly being touted as a “good thing” for employers in terms of reversing the recent trend of increased regulation on contractors.  Even now that Present-elect Trump has identified Puzder to head up the Department of Labor we will still have to wait to see who gets the nod to head up OFCCP.  As always, stay tuned for future developments.