The final day of the 2016 ILG National Conference wrapped up with a morning of breakout sessions, a keynote address from Beverly Bond, and ended on a high note with the ever-favorite Expert Panel.

This year the experts each shared their top conference “take-aways” which included:

  • Understanding that OFCCP is “going out swinging” in the last months of the Obama administration with audits that are expansive in both breadth and depth;
  • Recognizing we are still on the cusp of cultural change with respect to transgender issues;
  • Realizing employers shouldn’t “wait until the perfect opportunity to take steps to mitigate workplace risk”;
  • Developing solutions for compliance issues that take into consideration that “silos are out and comprehensive approaches are in”;
  • Looking out for “aggregating, aggregating, aggregating” by the Agency in compliance reviews; and,
  • Identifying there is “a checkerboard of government obligations for government contractors” that individuals should “step out of their lane” to help their organizations identify.

The panel’s recap of other topics discussed during the conference highlighted the fact contractors will continue to be challenged to implement new obligations and maneuver the ever-changing compliance landscape.  In the word’s of John Geier – “it’s not your grandma’s OFCCP anymore.”

This year’s conference provided a wealth of information for contractors and we look forward to seeing everyone in San Antonio in 2017!