In a year in which OFCCP has proposed and released more new and updated regulations than any other in recent memory, it looks as though they are on track to add new Sex Discrimination Regulations to the list.

Late last week, OFCCP released to OMB (the Office of Management and Budget) the Agency’s draft “final” regulations prohibiting Discrimination on the Basis of Sex, which the agency first proposed in February of this year.  While OMB review is one of the later stages in the regulatory process, the regulations are not final.  In fact, the content of the regulations OFCCP sent to OMB are not public and will not be known until OMB completes its review.   The latest schedule projects December 2015 for finalization of the rules.

Since the previous guidelines have been in effective since the 1970s, its guaranteed the new regulations will bring significant changes.  Stay tuned for updates as they become available.