Following announcement of a two-week extension of the public comment period for proposals implementing Executive Order 13673, on July 15, 2015, a group of Congressional Chairs submitted a letter to the U.S. Department of Labor and the Federal Acquisition Regulatory Council requesting the agencies withdraw their pending proposed guidance and rule.

The letter, signed by eight congressional committee and sub-committee chairs, requested withdrawal of the agencies proposals for implementing the Fair Pay and Safe Workplaces Executive Order citing concerns the proposals put into place

“new burdensome and unnecessary requirements that will delay an already cumbersome federal procurement process and will impose additional costs on employers, federal agencies, and American taxpayers.”

In the event the DOL and FAR Council decline to withdraw the guidance and rule, the Committee Chairs requested a 90-day extension of the public comment period to

“ensure that interested parties have adequate time to review, assess and provide meaningful input.”

The Chairs requested the Agencies respond to the letter by July 29, 2015.   We will provide an update on the Agencies’ response as soon as it is available.  Stay tuned.