• Public Service Announcement

During her keynote address at the AAAA conference last week, OFCCP Director Patricia Shiu said the Agency is working on a public service announcement to help explain why federal contractors will soon begin requesting disability status from applicants and employees.  We’ve heard from many in the contractor community that there are concerns, as a result of the multiple times employers are now required to request individuals to self-identify as disabled, applicants and employees will be put-off by the employer’s new found “obsession” with their disability status.  During her comments Director Shiu acknowledged that she’s heard these concerns as well and wanted to do something to assist contractors address the issue.  Shiu reported that the idea for OFCCP to issue a public announcement on the issue came from the contactor community.

Regardless of what OFCCP releases in its announcement, its important to think carefully about the message you put out in connection with the new disability (and additional veteran) surveys.

  • Training

Following up on its promise to offer continuing guidance on the new Veterans and Disability regulations, OFCCP is offering two upcoming training Webinars:

June 12:  Office of Disability Employment Policy (ODEP) Best Practices.  We understand this Webinar is full but look for our recap following the program and materials on OFCCP’s Website in the near future.

June 17:  New and Small Federal Contractors/Subcontractors –Changes to VEVRAA and Section 503.  Register here.

The DOL and OFCCP regularly offer a number of programs both nationally and locally, a schedule of which can be found here.