Last week during The OFCCP Institute’s Annual Summit, Consuela Pinto from the Department of Labor’s Solicitor’s Office, in addition to speaking on other topics, touched on the impact of OFCCP’s new veteran and disability regulations thus far.

Ms. Pinto confirmed OFCCP has not processed any violations based on audits involving application of the new regulations. However, she noted that companies who receive notices of violations based on non-compliance with the old regulations will receive remedies consistent with the new regulations. Thus, as she clarified, the Agency is not citing the company for violating the new regulations but instead remedying the violation of the outdated regulations with actions that will be in compliance with the new regulations.

As we have said previously, compliance with the good faith outreach requirements and new obligation to assess the effectiveness of your company’s good faith efforts imparted by the new regulations is critical and something you should look to address immediately.