On the final day of January, OFCCP mailed over 2,100 Corporate Scheduling Announcement Letters to more than 830 employers across the country. The “CSALs,” which provide employers with advance notice of locations slated for audits, started arriving in mailboxes this week. And OFCCP began initiating actual audits immediately. During these audits, OFCCP will:

  •  vigorously investigate employer compensation systems in line with the Agency’s recently published Directive 307
  •  continue to closely scrutinize employer hiring, promotion and termination practices
  • evaluate employers’ affirmative action efforts for protected veterans and individuals with disabilities (especially for audits initiated after the March 24, 2014 effective date for OFCCP’s new affirmative action regulations covering veterans and individuals with disabilities)

It is critical for employers to ensure they are ready to respond in this new wave of audits to the changed compliance environment.

Join us for a complimentary webinar as we explain OFCCP’s new enforcement initiatives, the Agency’s changing audit enforcement approach, and offer practical, proactive strategies to respond to the coming wave of audits.

The webinar will be pre-recorded and released on February 25th for review at your convenience.  Upon registration, participants will receive an e-mail with a link to the webinar.