As we alerted earlier this week, OFCCP has released a wave of  advance audit notice letters notifying facilities of their selection for impending review by the Agency.  In an uncommon step, OFCCP has released some details of its Fiscal Year 2014 audit Scheduling List, selection process.  Details include the following:

  • 856 contractors “made the list;”
  • OFCCP intends to audit 2,193 establishments;
  • 40 audits are intended to be “Glass Ceiling” audits (a.k.a. Corporate Management Compliance Evaluations), with no more than one assigned to any District Office; and
  • OFCCP has voluntarily decided to limit audits to 35 establishments per contractor.

Additional details and FAQs can be found at OFCCP’s Website.

As OFCCP likes to tout, these letters are a courtesy to contractors, permitting them to get their AAPs in order prior to an actual audit.  As such, we continue to emphasize the importance of notifying your locations to be on the lookout for these notices, sent directly to “Human Resources Director,” and instructing them to immediately forward the letters to corporate HR so the company can use the extra time before commencement of the audit.