In an effort to provide continuing guidance to the contratcor community as the effective date for the revised VEVRAA and Section 503 regulations quickly approaches,OFCCP has released additional FAQs addressing questions about required Purchase Order Language as well as the obligaiton to “conspiculously store” the notice of applicant and employee rights with an electronic application.

With respect to the required Purchase Order language, OFCCP has finally clarified that contractors can conslidate the two required regulatory references into one sentence – as opposed to including two duplicate sentences citing to each regulation.

With respect to the notice of applicant and employee rights, OFCCP has now stated that while contractors may include a copy of the language from the EEO is the Law poster into its applications or on its career page, they are not required to do so.  The Agency has confirmed that employers will satisfy this obligation by “displaying a prominent link to the poster, along with a brief explanation of what the link connects to, as part of their electronic application.”

As March 24, 2014 draws near, the Agency will likely continue to provide further guidance on implemenataion of the new obligations under the new veterans and disability regulations.  We will continue to provide you updates as we receive them.