On September 24, 2013, OFCCP published the final rules for veterans and individuals with disabilities.  The new rules require that employers make substantial changes to their hiring processes and systems within 120 days, or by March 24, 2014.  For more information on these changes, click here.  However, because it is unclear how the Agency will interpret and enforce components of the new rules (such as data collection and analysis, disabled self-identification forms, and other technical compliance issues), employers need further guidance from the Agency in order to effectively implement the new rules.

On Friday, OFCCP placed answers to Frequently Asked Questions (“FAQs”) on the new veteran and disability regulations on its website.  While the FAQs do provide some additional information, they do not “flesh out” some of the more critical employer issues described above.

We will post further information delving into the information provided in the FAQs and as more information is provided by the Agency.