Speculation has been swirling around the release date for OFCCP’s revised Veterans and Individuals with Disabilities regulations.  While the regulations will not be finished in July as OFCCP had intimated, the Agency did take the next crucial step on July 30 and 31 by submitting them for Office of Management and Budget (“OMB”) approval.  As yet, we don’t know what the final regulations will look like but by submitting them to OMB, OFCCP has taken the next step in getting the regulations finalized and could conceivably still meet Director Shiu’s goal of publishing them by the end of the year.  OMB has 60 days to either accept or reject the regulations, which could allow OFCCP to publish them prior to the September 30 close of the 2013 fiscal year.  Unless OMB determines additional comment is needed, we won’t know what changes (if any) OFCCP has made to the proposed regulations until they are published as final in the Federal Register.  As we find ourselves saying frequently this Summer . . . stay tuned for updates.