On his first day in office after being sworn in as the new DOL Secretary, Thomas Perez wasted no time blogging about his aspirations for creating “more opportunity for more people.”  The best way to promote opportunity, he says, “is through collaboration, consensus-building and pragmatic problem-solving.”  It will be interesting to see how Secretary Perez balances the interests of workers and the business community during what can only be described as a pivotal time.  Acknowledging the tough road ahead, Secretary Perez shares insight into his previous methods, noting he will continue to “approach tough challenges by making room for as many people as possible around the table in search of common ground. . . . to work together on policy solutions that are both pro-business and pro-worker.”    How successful he is at attaining this balance remains to be seen – but given the number of items on his plate as the incoming Secretary, it looks as though he will have ample opportunity to work on his approach.