We can’t say it enough – the OFCCP is using aggressive tactics to impress upon contractors that non-compliance with the agency is not an option.  If you want to do business with the Government, you’ve got to “play ball” with OFFCP.

Just days before President Obama was officially sworn into a second term, OFCCP filed “capital punishment” complaints against one of the nation’s largest security associations’ establishments in Wisconsin and Indiana.  What is “capital punishment” in OFCCP’s world?   Seeking cancellation of all current contracts and debarment from future government contracts.  In this case, OFCCP threatened to cancel a reported $7million contract as a result of the company’s alleged refusal to submit affirmative action plans in response to two OFCCP audit letters.

This latest action by OFCCP underscores the Agency willingness to “go to the mat” in a second Obama administration and continue its aggressive enforcement tactics in compliance evaluations.