As late as last week CNN announced Hilda Solis, would remain in her post as the head of the Department of Labor. Today, however, the news outlet reported Solis is in fact resigning her position in Obama’s cabinet. This news is breaking so fast CNN’s website still has last week’s story about Solis’ continued Cabinet service up on its website.

What we do know is the Obama Administration, invigorated by a second term, has “doubled down” on its commitment to address the gender “wage gap” as well as assist our veterans with the quest for employment upon returning home.  Solis’ exit from the DOL, and more so the decision as to her successor, will have profound effects on the employer community.  What those will be, we will just have to wait and see.

In addition to Solis’ departure, the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), the office tasked with evaluating the impact and burden of proposed legislation, like OFCCP’s proposed revisions to the Veterans regulations and its new scheduling letter, on the regulated community is also without a leader.

So we now have a headless DOL, a headless OMB and an emboldened OFCCP wanting to get its pending proposals finalized.  I wouldn’t bet on it, but it seems as though OFCCP likely will have to wait awhile to see any movement on these projects . . .