Changes are afoot at OFCCP.  We have learned that long-time OFCCP Pacific Region Director Bill Smitherman will retire at the end of the month.  Director Smitherman held the Pacific Regional Director position for many years, initially as Acting Director before assuming the position on a full-time basis several years ago.  His replacement has not been announced.  We can think of a few OFCCP management-level personnel who may be good picks for the job.  

OFCCP also will look outside the Agency for candidates.  The Pacific Regional Director position sits in the Regional Office in San Francisco.  Interestingly, OFCCP National Director Pat Shiu lived and worked in San Francisco for many years before relocating to DC to take her OFCCP leadership position.  In her jobs prior to joining the Agency, Director Shiu acted as legal counsel on behalf of plaintiffs in employment and housing related class-action discrimination lawsuits. One possibility is that the Agency may consider former colleagues of Ms. Shiu based in the San Francisco area for the soon-to-be-vacant Pacific Regional Director position.  Stay tuned.