Jackson Lewis  Webinar – November 14th 2:00 EST

 As most of the country watched last night, Barack Obama won re-election as President of the United States.  During his first term in office, the President made pay equity one of his top civil rights enforcement agenda items – and OFCCP responded by becoming more aggressive in its enforcement of pay discrimination.  It remains to be seen how the agency will respond to another four years in an Obama administration, but its likely OFCCP will re-double its efforts in the area of pay discrimination enforcement.

In line with the President’s civil rights agenda for the increased protection of employee rights, OFCCP has recently proposed several regulatory measures that, if passed, will have a profound impact on the contractor community.  These include:

  • Veterans Regulations
  • Regulations regarding Individuals with Disabilities
  • Proposed Changes to the Scheduling Letter
  • Pay Data Collection Tool

Up till now OFCCP has been unsuccessful in actually implementing these propositions.  The question is whether the Agency will have greater success finalizing these initiatives in a second Obama presidency and what type of modifications (if any) the Agency will need to get them “on the books.”

 Though the question of who will be sleeping in the White House for the next four years has been decided, the question of whether OFCCP will increase is already more aggressive enforcement approach remains open – though if the last four years have been any indication, employers need to prepare for increased enforcement activity.  

 Please join us on November 14, 2012 as we continue this discussion of the impact of Obama’s re-election on OFCCP’s enforcement agenda.